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2011-11-08 02:55:51 by iluvAS

AS2 > if statements > key is down > variables > acceleration > gravity > trigo > arrays > functions > depths > AS3 > display list > platformers > data structures > puzzle games > particle engines > bitmap blitting > OOP > custom classes > composition > inheritance > encapsulation > static classes / variables > html > css > php > mysql > as3 driven by mysql > present

how was your flash adventure? :D

News for the lolz

2011-05-17 22:31:51 by iluvAS

Having a hard time to work on my super top secret project and balancing school, especially since im in year 3 now. Im just hoping for the best for the project, afterall its gonna be iluvAS Games 'professional' debut. Still lots of work though, need to make android and iphone versions of the game plus a site to get traffic from you pplz. =D

YAY flash develop YAY

2010-12-19 04:08:30 by iluvAS

I just got the courage to download flash develop once again and not look back ever again to actions panel. Surprisingly working in classes is a lot more fun than scary as what i had expected. OOP and flash develop ftw =3

Epidemic 2 anyone?

2010-11-07 07:22:12 by iluvAS

So, i just checked out my newly released game epidemic, and responses are awesome. I felt loved for once. =')

Having said that, how does epidemic 2 sound? Ideas or comments how i can improve on gameplay or things to add on for more funnability?

Check out the thread i made for this : 09925

Feel free to reply on my post or the thread =D


2010-09-06 11:14:35 by iluvAS

you know, i just have to think less and just start making that fckin platformer. >:C. but then if i dont plan enuff ill run across crap midway and ill start right at the beginning cuz its messy and i dun use classes ooohohohohoh


2010-07-11 03:44:50 by iluvAS

oh yeah newgrounds! i steal games and edit it.. wooooooo im such a fckin noob. a week or so of on going work from scratch is totaaaalyy decompiling. love you newgrounds community!

virus are teh compleatez

2009-09-13 11:49:52 by iluvAS

ive just finished uploading virus to ng and its so cool to see alot of the positive responses ive been getting from newgrounds. its really motivating me to do much better games =). Abt mochi media however.,... still waiting for it to review my game i noe its like suppose to be 1 dae but i totally was like keeping on refreshing the web page hoping to see it being reviewed XD... virus being y first game and all.

Anyways really felt good being able to put up my first proper game... AND first game done in AS3 ... yes AS3 the ..... Thing... i use to call an evil monster.... no its starting to be my fwen =). Hopefully AS3 can be as good frens to me as AS2 and we can achieve wonders. and having said that.... these are some of the games you might be seeing from me:

Rotation Based Ping Pong Game With Supah kewl upgrades
Turret Defender with ... yet again things that make it unique
A real good platformer (Character might be Mr.Smiley 2.0, or based off mochi character design =) );

newgrounds.removeEventListener(Posting Event, writingPost(), true, 0 ,false);

dats sum newb AS3 fur yah dats telling u im ending teh post =) BAI!


2009-09-13 03:06:09 by iluvAS

my first time in AS3, almost completing a game. And jus signed up for mochiAds hoping to make sum moolahz and u can too: e6badc8

use teh link and sign upz =). This upcoming game are teh awesomest. its like the classic handphone game snake but with hell load moar stuffs that jus gets u hooked on to it if u enjoy beating highscorez so get on and play it like NAO.... i mean .... after i complete it =3